" I used to be a person who was not knowledgeable about anything health-related or fitness related. After working with Vic, I have found myself to make better and healthier lifestyle decisions. Not only did Vic help me become more physically active, she has changed my lifestyle – and that is exactly what being healthy should be. Vic emphasizes that ‘being healthy’ does not only consist of working out, but also changing and modifying your lifestyle. She changed my lifestyle for the better! After working with Vic, I have found myself making healthier, better choices independently. Vic is passionate about fitness and health, which emulates through her enthusiastic attitude and motivational demeanor. She is able to help you make realistic goals, step by step – if you’re anything like me, this is useful as a lot of information at the beginning can be overwhelming. I have had the amazing opportunity to not only know Vic as a personal trainer but also as a human being. She genuinely cares for her clients and doesn’t want to change you, but to become a better version of your already beautiful self. Her business is growing and I am not surprised that it is. I am so happy for her – I wish her all of the success and happiness in her business! "

- Natasha P

" I have had the great opportunity to have been guided by Victoria for both functional training classes as well as personal training.  Her excitement and desire for fitness radiates off her every seconds she’s around you. She brings you to that level that you only believed you could reach and then pushes you in the most positive way and makes you realize that you can, and will only go further. Her kindness and patience is truly remarkable and training with her has truly become a passion of my own. I now crave her works outs as they not only make you look better, but they also make you feel amazing! She constantly has great vibes and makes each and every session so unique and energetic. From the music to the sweat to the final stretch, this trainer and her programs are unlike any other and make you realize what true capability in something you love can result in. "

- Shayna C


I have worked with other trainers in the past, but have been working with Vic for just over 1.5yrs and can say she is the most motivational and effective trainer you can ask for. This isn’t just a job for Vic, it is a passion. She is genuinely caring and wants to see her clients excel. I have worked in a 2-on-1 setting with her, too, and noticed that Vic will always make the workouts suited just for YOU. She will never let you slack, but does pay close attention to any pains and listens when you say something “just doesn’t feel right.” She trains her clients in a zero-judgement environment, and is not intimidating to work with. If you want to sweat and feel the burn, but still look forward to and be excited about working out, she is the person for you. I look forward to continuing to work with Vic for many years to come!


-Lauren M